Friday, March 22, 2013


My friend Nedla has a blog on, and a YouTube channel. Thanks for viewing this blog and/or my YouTube channel! If you have not seen mine, look at the last post.

Friday, October 19, 2012


I'm on YouTube! I have videos on Lego puzzle boxes, Lego video game characters, and more! Here is a link to my channel:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Btd5 Path One Tower Upgrades

These are all of the path one upgrades for all of the towers in BTD5. Plus, I have a sneak peek for a later post.

Dart Monkey>Long Range Darts>Enhanced Eyesight>Spik-o-Pult>Juggernaut
Tack Shooter>Faster Shooting>Even Faster Shooting>Tack Sprayer>Ring of Fire
Sniper Monkey>Full Metal Jacket>Point Five Oh>Deadly Precision>Cripple MOAB
Ninja Monkey>Ninja Discipline>Sharp Shurikens>Double Shot>Bloonjitsu
Bomb Tower>Extra Range>Frag Bombs>Cluster Bombs>Bloon Impact
Ice Tower>Enhanced Freeze>Snap Freeze>Arctic Wind>Viral Frost
Glue Gunner>Glue Soak>Corrosive Glue>Bloon Disolver>Bloon Liquifier
Monkey Buccaneer>Faster Shooting>Longer Cannons>Destroyer>Aircraft Carrier
Note: I could not get a very good picture of these because they are moving. Good luck!
Monkey Ace>Rapid Fire>Sharper Darts>Neva-Miss Targeting>Spectre
Monkey Apprentice>Intense Magic>Lightning Bolt>Summon Whirlwind>Tempest TornadoMonkey Village>Monkey Beacon>Jungle Drums>Monkey Town> High Energy BeaconBanana Farm>More Bananas>Banana Plantation>Banana Republic>Banana Research FacilityMortar Tower>Increased Accuracy>Bigger Blast>Bloon Buster>The Big OneDartling Gun>Focused Firing>Faster Barrel Spin>Laser Cannon> Ray of DoomSpike Factory>Bigger Stacks>White Hot Spikes>Spiked Ball Factory>Spiked MinesNote: I saved best for last :)
Super Monkey>Laser Blasts>Plasma Blasts>Sun God>Temple of the Monkey God
Here is a sneak peek of a later post

Sliding Door

I made a sliding door!

This is the door in the closed position
Here, it is in the open position

Walkie Talkies

I made two walkie talkies! One of them has a button on the side, and they both have antennas that you can pull out.

These are the two walkie talkies that I made
This is the inside of the bigger one
This is the inside of the bigger one without the antenna
This is the bigger one with the antenna sticking out